Charles Ashbacher Technologies is the website of Charles Ashbacher, author, editor, mathematician, computer programmer and sometimes college professor. His business is focused on training in computer science and his client list includes everything from Fortune 500 companies to tutoring students in the basics of mathematics and computer science.

 Charlie is also the coeditor of Journal of Recreational Mathematics ( and the author of six books in the area of mathematics and computer science. Those books are available for purchase on Amazon (

Charlie is also a top 50 reviewer on Amazon, his love for books and reading are one of his passions in life.

 Charlie is dedicated to providing the highest quality of education at all times. Towards that end he is at the level 5 of the Yahoo! Answer program. (;_ylt=Aojb9_ulia9Qfm_8qEW0QsQCxgt.;_ylv=3?show=eHP0e1IZaa).